4 Times Table Chart

4 Times Table Chart | Furniture plays a large role in feng shui. Aside from the furniture’s configuration; color and exactly how your dining area furniture is place in your property could cause harmony and strife.

Furniture including beds, tables, chairs, bookshelves and cupboards plays a large role in feng shui. Their location as well as their relation with furniture in the room may give rise to owner’s success and failures. Bad arrangement could cause anything from lethargy or illness to career or marriage problems. Let’s look at a three key important pieces that people probably all have in your family homes.

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Focusing on dining area furniture, the dining room table itself ought to be compared to the dining area’s size. It should not be too large or too small. Excellent shapes are round, square and rectangle, shapes, though the round table is the best since this shape is encouraging the flow of chi between members of the family who eat there. Although many feng shui experts say to avoid square and rectangular dining tables while they limit one to only four directions.

Dining tables made from wood is preferred as it doesn’t improve chi energy. Different woods affect chi energy differently. The dining room table itself should occupy the guts position.