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Craigslist Billiard Table | Inversion also known as the anti-gravity treatment therapy is considered an effective way to assist relieve lower back pain, provide better circulation and disappointed stress and tension in your body. The efficacy of inversion happen to be noted for 1000’s of years and basically can be a mechanism of pushing your body from the position of gravity through which your body will turn and go the opposite way thereby decompressing the spine relieving the stress on muscles.

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The most commonly used inversion equipments include the gravity boots along with the inversion table. Both these devices position the user within an the wrong way up position to allow the spine to stretch. The inversion table is essentially built on a metal frame creating a bed like attachment to a central hinge. The bed is fixed on to a metal frame on its middle then it could be toppled or inverted when the person is lying on it. The bed has two harnesses that are padded for comfort. The principle is good for the individual deploying it to affix feet in the foot harness, to change in the table, keeping feet to be ahead position along with the head below. This is the actual procedure for inversion and enhancing the muscles concerning the spine to be stretched that may there by permit the spine to unwind and spread.