Mini Abacus Table Lamp

Mini Abacus Table Lamp | Have you ever needed to pull your table lamp apart, perhaps to exchange a globe or even a damaged socket, only to find you have not a clue the way to put it together again again? Whilst they may look terribly complicated, these types of lamps can be quite easy to piece together again.

Step 1: Place the beds base onto an appartment work surface then one’s body; the beds base often includes a hole at the center, which can be for the power cord to travel away from, whilst one’s body needs to have a dent at either end.

Step 2: Slide the rod in the top hole of one’s body, available underneath hole and into the beds base. Put a washer on the end from the rod and screw into place. Then, thread the cord in the bottom from the rod and out through the top. Screw in the neck (when the table lamp has one) and also the harp.

Step 3: Place the socket cap over underneath from the harp and screw for the rod, ensuring that it is the right way up. Wrap the ‘hot’ wire across the gold screw for the socket and wrap the ‘neutral’ wire across the silver screw.

Step 4: Place the socket shell on the bulb socket, ensuring that that you tuck the cords inside. Squeeze the ends from the harp and slide them in the bottom from the shell, then screw a bulb in.

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When putting your table lamp together, you will need to remember that there could be additional or perhaps less steps depending for the type. If you become stuck when attemping to put your lamp together again, you need to contact a lighting specialist or perhaps the manufacturer to request their advice.