Valentine Table Decorating Ideas

Valentine Table Decorating Ideas | Is tradition changing? For years we view the long straight head table set up for that bride, groom and wedding party. It can be a little more difficult to talk to your entire wedding party particularly if it can be one large long table. Now, were seeing more brides taking a look at different options for head table. Many want a more intimate, restaurant feel as though these are spending the evening out using their friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere (which these are naturally).

Over the final year or two I have seen some unique head table setups. Many brides need to stay away from the long table look and choose “out from the norm”. It is surprising to listen for a couple of couples mention how shy these are and need to be in the spotlight while eating their meal. Others just need to differ making their wedding their own style.

Here are a couple of ideas:

Restaurant style: How about one round table at the center from the hall with color linens and centerpieces entirely distinctive from all your other guest tables. It would be quite evident which is the “head table”. You can even ask your decorator to hang crystals or paper lanterns from the ceiling that will be only over your table.

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Modern Twist: Boardroom or U-shape “King table” as it can be called is set up at the center of your venue by using 8 tables in a square formation. This is one of my favourites that you can accent the centre from the tables full of many candles, a water pond which can be fantastic, or floral arrangements.